Connecting with God, each other, and the world

Connecting with God

Most of the things we do come under the first heading because our aim is to help people connect with God.  Some things, however, do that more obviously than others:

Our Sunday services in both Prestwick and Monkton are where we join together to worship, give thanks and learn together, and our bible study and prayer time help us to focus more deliberately on God.


Connecting with each other

We often use the phrase ‘church family’ and that reminds us that we need to care for and encourage each other.  Our young people join the first part of the Sunday service and then go to Young Church where they have their own groups.  Young people are also involved in the life of the church through Boys Brigade.

The young people don’t have it all their own way as those who are a little older are able to share time together in small groups or the Guild.

Connecting with the world

We really want to build relationships with our community locally and in the wider world.  

We have started a food bank project and now have volunteers from other local churches helping us.  There are other community projects in the pipeline, watch out on the news page for more information.

We also have links with Malawi and various people from the congregation have visited our partner congregation.

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