Malawi Links MPN

What are we all about?

We created Malawi Links MPN (Monkton and Prestwick North Church) simply because people in the Bandawe area of Malawi need our help.  Where poverty, hunger, poor health and a lack of sustainable economic opportunity dominates, people are often powerless.  We all have the same hopes and desires no matter where we live – healthy families, educated children, the ability to work for a living and to experience a fulfilling spiritual life. But, in Malawi, people often lack the resources to achieve these things.

We are in a position to help.  This doesn’t always mean financially. It also means maintaining a relationship with communities, and individuals, on the other side of the world and letting them know we care. It also means sending packages of toys that make small children smile.

We have been blessed to be able to provide financial support for these people too.

What have Malawi Links done in Malawi?

The work that has been done by this small dedicated group of people at MPN is significant and the results are, literally, changing lives. MPN is twinned with Lweya Congregation but we also support an Orphan Care Centre, Hospitals and Widows Associations. Since 2006, through financial contributions, Malawi Links:

  • is supporting Orphan Care Centres and Community Nurseries so that the children can be fed seven days per week instead of three
  • has funded the installation of electricity in an Orphan Care Centre
  • has financed a deep-well for a village which previously had only a shallow well which dried up completely during the summer months
  • is supporting a training programme designed to create efficiently run, sustainable Orphan Care Centres in several villages which do not currently have these
  • has provided funds to enable a Widows’ Association to start a micro-loans operation
  • has provided 224 hearing aids to the School for Children with Hearing Difficulties
  • has funded a roof of the main church in Bandawe Presbytery
  • and, importantly, we have sent the equivalent of four containers to Malawi communities. In Malawi, clothing, toys, electrical equipment, tools, bicycles are hard to come by and they have given pleasure, protection and economic opportunity in equal measure.

Why Malawi?

Just a small reminder why Malawi is so deserving of our support:

  • 10th poorest country in the world
  • £6 per head spent on healthcare
  • Under 5s are 27x more likely to die than in Scotland
  • Only 10% of children have secondary education
  • One qualified teacher to every 95 pupils
  •  Fewest doctors per person in the world – 1 doctor to every 117,650 patients
  • Average household income is £80 per year
  • £6 feeds a child for one year
  • The total population is 12.5m – the number of orphans 1.5 – 2m
  • Life expectancy at birth is 40 years – compared to 80-85 in Scotland

Malawi is a country whose inhabitants are desperately poor and receive little help from their government.

How can you help?

You can be part of this important project.

We rely on financial donations to support all the work in Malawi.

Times are hard for everyone, when every penny counts. We understand that it can be hard to identify the charitable work that you would like to support. We’re asking you just to consider sending a few pounds our way…or rather, Malawi’s way.

The funds we raise do not go through international agencies and are not used to fund travel and expenses for the fundraising team. Every penny is used to help the needy people in Bandawe and is accounted and receipted with regular evidence-based project feedback reporting.

You can donate by sending a cheque to Malawi Links, Monkton and Prestwick North Church.

How to get in touch
You can contact the Malawi Links Team by:
Phone: 01292 678810
Or find us on Facebook