Coming for the first time

Coming along to a church for the first time

Coming along to a church for the first time (particularly if you’re not used to it) can be a little daunting but we hope that you feel right at home among us. You’ll receive a warm welcome and the people who greet you will try and answer any questions you have. We want to help people grow in the life that they’ve been created to have through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Here at Monkton and Prestwick North we enjoy enthusiastic and passionate music, as well as down to earth teaching from the bible.

When you arrive you’ll be met at the door.  If you would like, someone will show you to a seat but you can sit wherever you like, we don’t have special seats for people, but we do have some help for special people – we have wheelchair access with ramps into both buildings, audio loops, large print bibles and baby changing facilities.  As you enter the sanctuary, you’ll see that we have no pulpit and it’s actually nice and bright – perhaps not what you expected.

We try to make sure there is something for all ages during the service. Whether you wear a suit and tie, jeans and a t-shirt, or anything in between, you’ll fit in just fine. Dress is not the focus – God is.

We begin our Sunday services by worshiping God through song. The music is mostly modern, with an occasional old hymn. Sing with us, if you like, or take in the music quietly—either way, it’s aimed at helping us think about God.  And, yes, there’s a sermon, because our celebration of God’s love is not complete if we don’t truly engage with God’s word and hear His voice. We are challenged, guided and encouraged and we learn a bit more about God, about the bible, and about ourselves.

After the service, join us for coffee in the hall, or just head off for lunch, it’s up to you. We will not pressure you to do something you don’t want to do, because we don’t like it if people do that to us.

So, we invite you to come and take it all in for yourself. Join us this next Sunday at 11am at the church.

Service times and places

Our main service is at 11 am every Sunday morning in the Church on Monkton Road, Prestwick.