Why we’re here

We are here to connect people to life in Christ!

We are here to connect people to life in Christ! We believe that this breaks down to connecting with God, each other, and the world.

Connecting With God

We each have a life that we have been created to live. That life is first found in proper connection to God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is to provide a God-honouring atmosphere for that relationship to develop through bible teaching, study and prayer.  We also have a 24-7 Prayer Room each year in the week before Easter and we run Alpha Courses which are an introduction to Christianity.

Connecting With Each Other

We have each been designed to live out our journey with God in connection with those around us – in church we often use the analogy of a family because the bible calls fellow believers brothers and sisters. God has brought each and every one of us into community with one another and equipped us for a specific function within that community. It is our desire to see everyone discover their part and enable them to live it out.

We do this from the simple action of sharing time together after the services on Sunday or eating together at events through the year.  There are different activities for young and old alike through the week and occasionl special events through the year.

Connecting With The World

There are always people around us who are within our sphere of influence. Many have become lost and confused in the darkness of this world. Our desire is to shine the light of the message of Jesus Christ into the confusion of this world’s darkness through personal relationships and outreaching events.

We host a food bank project and have volunteers from other local churches helping too.  We have a knitting group and there are other community projects in the pipeline, watch out on the news page for more information.

We also have links with Malawi and various people from the congregation have visited our partner congregation.

To find out more about what we do, check out our ‘what we do’ menu.