The Gathering at MPN

Prayer & Praise @ Prestwick

People have different reactions to the idea of church – lots of people imagine that faith, and especially the Christian faith, is irrelevant to life in the 21st Century; others, remembering childhood trips with school, imagine that it is dull and boring; others think that it not for ‘people like them’; and some attend regularly, finding support and encouragement.

At Monkton and Prestwick North Church we want to reassure you that the message of Jesus is as relevant today as it has ever been and that church is for all people.  Even we have to admit that church services can be a bit dull sometimes, but we hope to change that! Our goal is to build relationships with God, each other and the wider world and so we decided that we should spend time worshipping God together, spend time listening and letting him speak to us and asking for his help in doing what he says.

Dates for the Year