The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

On 25 December we celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus who was called Christ…

Mary believed in God and tried to live in a way that pleased him. One day an angel came to her and said that God had chosen her to have a special baby and that she was to call him Jesus. God performed a miracle and Mary became pregnant without having slept with Joseph, or any othe man. The slight problem was that although Mary and Joseph were going to be married Joseph thought that Mary must have had sex with someone else. So, God sent another angel to assure Joseph that this was not the case and he should help Mary bring up this special child.

Before Jesus was born, his parents, Mary and Joseph, went on a donkey to a town called Bethlehem. It was very busy and they couldn’t find anywhere to stay. A friendly innkeeper let them sleep in his stable with the sheep. Jesus was born there, and Mary wrapped him in cloths and put him in the manger. A star appeared in the sky over the stable.

Out in the fields, some shepherds were looking after their sheep when suddenly an angel appeared. The shepherds were very scared. The angel told the shepherds not to be scared because he had brought good news. He told them that Jesus had been born and that he would be the person who would save the world. He told the shepherds to go and see Jesus. Then there were lots more angels who sang, "Glory to God and peace on earth."

Two of the shepherds went to see the baby Jesus. They knelt down in front of the manger and were very happy that they had found the one who had been sent by God. When they left, they told everybody they could find about Jesus and about how he was going to save the world.

Later on, some wise men came from the East to see Jesus. They brought special gifts because they knew that Jesus was a king. They were surprised that he had been born in a stable and not in a   palace. They worshipped Jesus and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

And so…

Each Christmas we celebrate Jesus being born. God gave us Jesus as a present to show that he loves us. Each Christmas we give each other presents to show people that we love them.

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