Of Christmas trees and foodbanks

by David Clarkson

Of Christmas trees and foodbanks

Once upon a time… well, actually, it was only last week one of our church members was working away in the hall when there was a knock at the door.  It turned out to be someone looking for food, something which is an increasing issue even in this part of Scotland.  Our congregation, along with others in the area operates a foodbank but all of our food is delivered to people via a referral process.  In this case the person was looking for New Life Church where the Trussell Trust operates a foodbank where people can go and collect food.

After a brief conversation both ladies went off together and food was duly received.  Our member was concerned though and asked our foodbank organiser if some follow up could be done.  A call was made and it transpired that this family had no gifts and no tree for Christmas – and no possibility of getting them.  A plea for a tree was met with, "I'll see what we can do."

As it turns out God can do anything – even supply a tree!  Another member had obtained some toys which she brought in as a donation for the foodbank, knowing that there are often situations like this family found themselves in.  Funnily enough she also had a Christmas tree.

This morning another member had sorted out a load of Christmas decorations which were perfectly good but not being used so she decide to ask if the foodbank might have a use for them.  One family will have more than they bargained for this year because God uses his people to bless others. 

And this family are not alone.  Our local Sainsburys supermarket has donated gifts again this year so that some of the young people whose families are struggling and have had contact with the foodbank during the year will get something for Christmas.  It is not right that in Scotland in 2014 there are families that need to rely on foodbanks but it is good to be able to share the love of God in a practical way. 

Have a great Christmas whether you have a lot or a little and don't spare a thought for other less fortunate people – spare some time, some gifts or some money and make a world of difference.  Merry Christmas.

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