Frequently asked questions

About Sundays

MPN is a “come as you are” church.  Some people like to dress up and some don’t.  It doesn’t really matter – we’re just glad you’ve come.

We love children! Our Young Church meet every second Sunday during termtime. The first part of the service includes everyone and after 15-20 minutes the young people leave for their own groups.

We see music as a door that helps us enter God’s presence. We have a mix of musical styles and try to learn new songs as well as timeless hymns but for us, it isn’t as much about style as it is heart.

Our worship experiences will last between one hour and one hour and fifteen minutes.

No, you don’t.  We will do our best not to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable.

Yes! We aim to teach the Bible in a way that is engaging, understandable and applicable. Transformation is inseparable from application, so you will find the teaching here always ends in “how does this truth challenge, encourage or guide me right where I am?” We try to follow a theme, or a particular book from the bible, for a few weeks at a time and then change to a new theme or book.

​​Absolutely not.  In fact, lots of people joke that this was going to happen when they came, but we are happy to report that the roof is still standing strong! If you are still concerned about this happening, just call ahead to warn us so we can clear out the building before you enter!

Yes! For those who are hearing impaired, we have a loop system which hearing aids can be adjusted to.  For those who are visually impaired, we have a projection screen to help you see.

There are no perfect people here and you will not find a perfect church. We have our faults, but we try our best. We make mistakes, but we learn from them. The good thing is, we won’t expect you to be perfect either.

We don’t yet offer prayer at every service, but there are always people around who will be happy to pray with you. Ask one of the door team or the minister. You can also email personal prayer requests via the website, or call in to the office between 10am-2pm Wednesday and Thursday.

About the rest of the week

You can email personal prayer requests via the website, or call in to the office between 10am-2pm Wednesday and Thursday.

There are different activities in the church halls during the week: we have home groups if you want to talk about faith and life; or we have exercise classes, karate, Boys and Girl’s Brigade, bible study and prayer time – times and contact details are on our calendar.

The easiest way is to come for tea or coffee after the service.  We meet in the hall at the church each Sunday and it is a great opportunity to meet people.  After that there are groups that meet in homes and there is information available about the leaders, or ask the minister and he will introduce you to someone in an appropriate group.  We also run Alpha, Marriage and Parenting Courses throughout the year.