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Marriage is a lifelong commitment

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and should not be entered into lightly. 
This page has been produced to offer help and guidance on matters related to marriage for those requesting their ceremony to be held at Monkton & Prestwick North Parish Church.
In Christian marriage, vows are taken and promises are made which include God, therefore, everyone involved needs to be aware of what this undertaking means.

Do we need to be Church members?

We do not insist that couples should be members of the Church, but we hope that those who come to us will want more than simply having “a nice place to be married in”.


Can divorced people be re-married?

Sadly marriage breakdown has become more common in our society but being divorced does not automatically exclude anyone from remarrying in the church. Indeed the Church of Scotland believes that everyone should be given the facility to start afresh. However, it is left to the individual minister’s discretion as to whether he is prepared to marry divorced people or not.

What do I need to get married?

A church wedding is only a ceremonial part of marriage. The legal requirement is the signing of the Marriage Schedule. The Schedule is issued by the Registrar on notice and presentation of the appropriate documents:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificate(s) of a deceased spouse
  • Copy(ies) of Decree of Divorce
  • No marriage can take place without a marriage schedule

Planning the Service

Order of Service / Vows
You can discuss with the minister the order of service and the vows to be taken. Whilst there is room for flexibility this will always be within the constraint that it is a Christian service.


Taking of Photographs and Videos

The taking of photographs is not allowed during the service, but opportunities will be given afterwards and at the signing of the register. The taking of videos is allowed only from a specified area in the church and nowhere else. A licence can be obtained from


If you wish flowers in the church, a suitable time for their insertion must be agreed with the Church Officer. This is normally done the night before or on the morning of the wedding. A church floristry group is also available.

How much does it cost to married in the church?

Three fees are payable:

  • The use of the church £175.00
  • The Church Officer £50.00
  • The Organist £75.00

These fees to be placed in separate envelopes and given to the minister on or before the wedding day.


On the Day

The Bridegroom and Best Man must be at the church at least fifteen minutes before the wedding begins. It is the responsibility of the Best Man to bring the Marriage Schedule with him.
The Bride should arrive on time, or as near as possible. Should the Bride be too late the service may not be able to take place!

What Do I Do Now?

For further information please contact the church office (01292 678810).